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Freezone Incentives 100% foreign ownership; Exemption from all import duties; 100% repatriation of capital and profits; Freedom from corporate taxation, as applied throughout Dubai, with the added bonus of a renewable 15 year guarantee in the free zone; Abundant inexpensive energy; Simple and efficient recruitment procedures ensuring the availability of a competitive skilled and experienced […]

Investment Management

SME consultants provide high quality advice on investment portfolios, individual assets of compensation and practical solutions to entrepreneurs and investors searching for opportunities in the booming Dubai business environment. We assist you in identifying and realising the best and most profitable business opportunities in the Middle East. The success we aim to bring to you […]

Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance analysts are committed to delivering corporate financial solutions to your business using the most appropriate methods. We provide SME’s and owner managed businesses with the most complete and practical advice that is available in the Middle East. SME Consultants will work with you to facilitate the transaction to achieve your business goals […]

Strategic Business Development

Our strategic planning and business development consultants are experienced in strategic planning and business development and advise foreign business individuals and corporate clients on how to enter and position their brand in the UAE market. We believe developing a corporate strategy is not exclusive to large companies but small companies must also apply strategic management […]

Market Intelligence & Feasibility Studies

We believe to ensure survival, businesses need to plan and anticipate the future enabling them to better prepare for events that could happen. We focus on the wider business and marketing environment within which your organisation operates, providing you with information that will allow you to make effective decisions. It is no longer appropriate to […]

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